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Sex Therapist

Sex therapy in Gold Coast can help you and your partner identify areas of your intimate relationships that could use some nurturing. There are a lot of people having sex but not being intimate; on the other hand there are people who are intimate that aren’t having sex. Yvonne Flanders offers sex counselling in Mermaid Waters that will start you and your partner on the path to feeling better and enjoying your sex lives.

In our confidential sex therapy sessions, we take the time to understand the issues and work together to find solutions that will alleviate some of your emotional distress. We’ll focus on aspects of your sex life that may be having a negative effect on your relationship.

Intimacy issues can put a terrible strain on relationships and cause considerable distress. It’s never too late to start taking steps to solving intimacy problems. Help is available, and it’s important to seek out solutions before the strain on your relationship begins to cause lasting damage.

When intimacy is satisfying for both partners, sex has a positive role in a relationship. Sharing intimate time with your partner can be a big part of keeping you feeling physically and emotionally connected to each other. When sex becomes a problem it can be a thorn in your relationship and leave partners feeling hurt, rejected, and disconnected. According to recent studies, almost half of couples have some concerns over the role of sex within their relationship. Physical issues are rarely the only problem; relationship stress and psychological factors play a large part in intimacy issues and have the ability to cause a great deal of emotional strain. Sexual issues, like other health concerns, can play an important part in an individual’s quality life.