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Self Esteem

Self-esteem involves our ability to think, to deal with life and to be happy.
Low Self-Esteem is a form of prejudice we hold against ourselves.
Do you find you are:

  • lacking confidence in social situations
  • having feelings of shame or guilt
  • finding repetitive problems in close relationships
  • holding back from trying new hobbies or sports
  • accepting an unsatisfactory home-life
  • neglecting your health
  • spending unwisely
  • allowing others to treat you badly
  • over-focusing on grooming and appearance, or neglecting appearance

Yvonne will work with you online or on the phone toward a balanced approach, together taking ‘small steps’ towards achievable goals that slowly build into a more fulfilling life.
Your self-esteem becomes healthier through learning how to do and see things differently and through appreciating the results.
The way we view and feel about ourselves has a profound effect on how we live our lives.

“ First of all, accept yourself”