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Relationship Top 10

"Australians say that trust is the most important factor needed for a harmonious relationship."  by Michelle Pountney - The Herald Sun 27 October 2014 "How to Get Along" These are the 10 keys identified in the article: 1. Trust 2. Shared values 3. Feeling appreciated 4. Appreciating your partner 5. Friendship 6. Clear communication 7. Common goals 8  Passion and intimacy 9.  Spending regular quality time together 10. Sharing domestic duties I was...

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7 Secrets to Making 
Your Marriage Last

Recognize the marriage myths 
and they lived happily ever after Fairy tales Identify your love style and your partner’s love style. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Elizabeth Barrett Browning Develop the habit of happiness Happiness is not something ready made.
 It comes from your own actions. 
 Dalai Lama Say what you mean and understand what you hear...

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