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Ageing Gracefully

The good news is that you are a survivor. Growing older can be a time of great contentment and contemplation. It can be a time to try new things and reconcile with the past. For some, though, ageing is seen as a negative, depressing and overwhelming.
Are you:

  • experiencing health problems
  • feeling sad at each new birthday
  • lacking in confidence in familiar situations
  • fearing advancing years
  • worrying about retirement
  • overwhelmed by family demands

Working with Yvonne can help you grow your resilience and optimism to meet the challenges of life transitions. Together we can create the life you would like to have within the framework of the life you currently have.

Ageing Counselling

Counselling can be very helpful to people who are going through a life transition. Ageing counselling is not just for senior citizens; it can be beneficial for anybody having difficulty making the transition to the next stage in their life. People deserve care, respect and attention, regardless of their age.

Ageing therapist Yvonne Flanders is there to help you come to terms with the physical and emotional change that you’re going through. Coming to terms with the next stage in your life will help alleviate feelings of anxiety and stress.

When it comes to the elderly, it is important to understand the unique challenges and perspectives of seniors dealing with grief and loss, loneliness, depression, isolation and/or chronic health conditions related to growing older.

Caregivers need support just like everyone else; taking care of an aging parent can be a big adjustment to your family dynamics. Ageing counselling can be on the phone or online for your convenience and works by considering all the issues associated with seniors and their caregivers.