Divorce Counselling

If you need a separation counsellor in Melbourne, Yvonne Flanders is experienced in helping couples understand how to work through their issues and move towards a better future as individuals. Located in South Melbourne, in a confidential and supportive environment, separation counsellor Yvonne helps couples address the grief and loss associated with divorce.

It is not uncommon to feel a range of intense emotions during a separation including shock, confusion, rejection, bitterness, insecurity, anxiety and depression. Some individuals feel a great sense of relief which can often be followed with feelings of guilt.

There are many decisions that need to be made following a separation; they centre around around living arrangements, bills, work,finances, children and what will happen with extended family relationships. If there are children involved things

get much more complicated. Separating couples often benefit from meeting in a safe, neutral setting with a mediator to help them work through what happens next. It is important for parents to work out how best to approach the change in family life for their children. In the end what’s best for the children needs to be the priority when negotiating this transition in home life.

It is always a good idea for people to get the support of an impartial counsellor when attending family dispute resolution. Divorce counselling can give you the tools to work through the difficult times during a divorce and get on the road to recovery. Yvonne offers exceptional support with divorce counselling in Melbourne to help you let go of the past and move on to the next phase of your lives.